SaveSet Method

Saves a VarSet object, by name, in the persistent store.


ScriptContext.GetScriptState.SaveSet VarSetName String, VarSet VarSet


VarSetName Specifies the name to save the VarSet object as in the persistent store.
VarSet Specifies the VarSet object to save in the persistent store.

Return Type



To save the MYvarset VarSet object with the MYsavedvarset name in the persistent store, enter:

Dim MYscriptstate
Dim MYvarset
set MYscriptstate = ScriptContext.GetScriptState
set MYvarset = MYscriptstate.CreateSet
MYscriptstate.SaveSet "MYsavedvarset", MYvarset

This example creates a VarSet object and then saves it in the persistent store.