LogEvent Method

Logs a generic event to the Windows NT Application event log using the Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 event source.


obj.LogEvent(Description String, [Severity Variant])
Where obj is an OpScrUtil.Utility object.


Description The text of the event that will be logged to the event log.
Severity The severity level of the Windows NT event to be logged. This parameter is optional. Can be one of the following values:
"Success" or 0
"Error" or 1
"Warning" or 2
"Information" or 4
"Audit Success" or 8
"Audit Failure" or 16

Return Type



To log an Information event to the event log, enter:

Set obj = CreateObject("OpScrUtil.Utility")
bOK = obj.LogEvent("This is an informational message", "Information")

This example show how to log an information event to the Windows NT event log.