GetServiceStatus Method

Gets the status of the specified service.


obj.GetServiceStatus(ServiceName String, ServiceStatus String, [ServiceStatusNumber Variant] [ComputerName String])
Where obj is an OpScrUtil.SCManager object.


ServiceName Specifies the name of the service to retrieve status.
ServiceStatus Returns the status of the specified service as a string. Possible values are: Stopped; Running; Start Pending; Stop Pending; Continue Pending; Pause Pending; Paused.
ServiceStatusNumber Returns the status of the specified service as a number. This parameter is optional. Possible values are: 1 - Stopped; 2 - Start Pending; 3 - Stop Pending; 4 - Running; 5 - Continue Pending; 6 - Pause Pending; 7 - Paused.
ComputerName Specifies target computer. This parameter is optional. If not specified or an empty string, the local computer is the target.

Return Type



To get status of the messenger service on the local computer:

Set obj = CreateObject("OpScrUtil.SCManager")
  bOK = obj.GetServiceStatus("messenger", vServiceStatusString, vServiceStatusNumber)
  strMsg = "Service status is " & vServiceStatusString & ". Status number is " & vServiceStatusNumber