LogonToMAPI Method (Mailbox Analyzer)

Logs onto the specified Exchange server using the specified mailbox.


obj.LogonToMAPI(Server String, Mailbox String)
where obj is an McExchg.MailboxAnalyzer object.


Server Specifies the Exchange server to gather mailbox statistics. Leave blank for local computer.
Mailbox Name of the mailbox used for the MAPI logon (required to access mailbox information).

Return Type



To log onto the EXCHSERVER1 Exchange server with the OnePointOperations mailbox, enter:

Set obj = CreateObject("McExchg.MailboxAnalyzer")
bOK = obj.LogonToMAPI("EXCHSERVER1", "OnePointOperations")
if Not BOK Then strError = obj.GetError()

This example show how to logon to the Exchange server.