GatherMailboxData Method

Retrieves mailbox name, size in megabytes, and message count for each mailbox on an Exchange server and returns this data in a two-dimensional array


obj.GatherMailboxData(DataOut Variant, RowCount Long, [TopNN Long])
where obj is an McExchg.MailboxAnalyzer object


DataOut Variant array that contains all mailbox information for a server.
RowCount The number of mailbox information rows returned.
TopNN Specifies that this method should only return rows with the top 'NN' mailboxes consuming resources, as measured by message count and mailbox size.

Return Type



To retrieve the top 100 mailboxes using resources on the EXCHANGE1 Exchange server, enter:

Set obj = CreateObject("McExchg.MailboxAnalyzer")
If obj.LogonToMapi("EXCHANGE1", "OnePointOperations") Then
If obj.GatherMailboxData(varData, lngRowCount, 100) Then
For lngIndex = 0 to lngRowCount - 1
strMailbox = varData(0, lngIndex)
lngMBUsed = varData(1, lngIndex)
lngMsgCount = varData(2, lngIndex)
' Do something with mailbox information
strError = obj.GetError()
End If
strError = obj.GetError()
End If'

This example shows how to retrieve mailbox information.