ReplicationLastModifyInfo Method

Gets the date modified and revision of the replication latency test object for the domain controller. Call ReplicationModifyObject to modify the test object.


ActiveDirectory.ReplicaitonLastModifyInfo(DateModified DATE, Revision Long)


DateModified Out. The date and time the test object was last modified.
Revision Out. The sequential revision number. Use to compare with other domain controller.

Return Type



To determine if replication has occurred, enter:

Dim objActiveDirectory
Dim bComplete
Dim dtLastModified, dtDCLastModified
Dim lngRevision, lngDCRevision
Dim strDomainController

Set objActiveDirectory = CreateObject("McActiveDir.ActiveDirectory")

bComplete = True

If objActiveDirectory.ReplicationLastModifyInfo(dtLastModified, lngRevision) Then
If objAD.RefreshDomainControllers() Then
strDomainController = objActiveDirectory.NextDomainController()
While NOT (strDomainController = "")
strDomainController = Mid(strDomainController, 11)
strDomainController = Left(strDomainController, InStr(strDomainController, ",") - 1)
If objActiveDirectory.ReplicationCheckDomainController(strDomainControler, dtDCLastModified, lngDCRevision) Then
If NOT (lngDCRevision = lngRevision) Then
bComplete = False
End If
End If
strDomainController = objActiveDirectory.NextDomainController()
End If
End If

This example looks at each domain controller and determines if the replication latency test object has been replicated to the domain controller. Modify the test object with a call to ReplicationModifyObject.