UTCTimeOfFirstEvent Property

Provides access to the date and time that the first event that raised an alert occurred. This property is most useful when used with consolidated alerts.




Read Only When used with an alert provided to the script by the Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) product.
Read/Write When used with a new alert created with the ScriptContext.CreateAlert Method.

Return Type



To create a new alert and set the UTCTimeOfFirstEvent property, enter:

Dim MYalert
Dim MYevent
set MYalert = ScriptContext.CreateAlert
set MYevent = ScriptContext.Event
set MYalert.UTCTimeOfFirstEvent = MYevent.Time

This example sets the UTCTimeOfFirstEvent property based on the event that caused the MOM product to invoke the script. The UTCTimeOfFirstEvent property is set to the time that the event occurred.