You can use wildcards in some areas where you cannot use regular expressions, such as the Monitor snap-in. Wildcard pattern matching is not case-sensitive. Some fields support the following wildcard characters.

Menu Item Character Definition
Any Character Question mark (?) Matches exactly one character.
Any Digit Number sign (#) Matches one digit.
Any Character, 0 or More Matches Asterisk (*) Matches zero or more characters.

The following table provides examples of wildcard character specifications and example matches.

Example Matches Does Not Match
den??? Denton and Dennis Denison
el ????o El Campo and El Indio El Paso
houston\? Houston? Houstons
houston, tx ##### Houston, TX 77024 Houston, TX USOFA
5555 indigo ln \### 5555 Indigo Ln #32 5555 Indigo Ln 320
*TX Houston, TX and TX Houston, TX 77024
San * San Antonio and San Angelo Santa Fe
b*ville Brownsville and Beeville Somerville