Monitor Snap-In

The Monitor snap-in allows you to view information about one configuration group at a time. If you want to monitor information from several configuration groups, you can add other Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 snap-ins to the MOM Administrator Console.

The Monitor snap-in allows you to monitor alerts, events, computers, product components, and other configuration group information stored in the database.

You can use the default views or you can create your own views. You can create views that display information about the following items:

When you select the Monitor item in the left-pane console tree, the details pane displays descriptions of the types of views you can create. The details pane also includes descriptions of the MOM Components and Advanced nodes. Clicking an icon or link in the details pane displays a default view of that type of view.

From any location within the Monitor snap-in, you can search for specific events and alerts and access MOM Reporting.