MOM Administrator Console Overview

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) provides an interface based on Microsoft Management Console (MMC) technology. The MOM Administrator Console is the central monitoring and configuration point for configuration groups.

The MOM Administrator Console contains management snap-ins, basic components of the MOM Administrator Console. You can save these consoles as files with the .msc extension. When you save a console, its configuration settings are also saved. You can mail a console file to another user, who can open it on a different computer or on a different network, and the saved settings are restored for all the console items. Creating custom consoles allows you to reduce training costs by sending administrators an interface tailored to their needs.

The console window contains the workspace of the MOM Administrator Console. The left pane of a MOM Administrator Console window contains the console tree. The console tree contains all the management components available in snap-ins. When you install Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 snap-ins, the snap-ins are items in the console tree.

The Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 snap-in provides a framework for the Monitor, Rules, and Configuration snap-ins. Each Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 snap-in monitors one configuration group. You can add multiple Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 snap-ins if you want to monitor more than one configuration group, or if you want to install multiple Monitor, Rules, or Configuration snap-ins in a single MOM Administrator Console.

The right pane in MOM Administrator Console applications is the details or results pane. When you select an item in the left-pane console tree, the right pane changes to reflect details for that item.