Agent Managers Window

Agent Managers are responsible for installing and uninstalling agents on computers that match their Managed Computer rules.

The Agent Managers window lists all computers in the configuration group on which an Agent Manager is installed. You can view details of each Agent Manager, including its Managed Computer rules and its Managed Computers list, the list of all computers matching the rules. You can specify when an individual Agent Manager scans computers in its Managed Computers list. You can also specify the service account used by the agents that an Agent Manager installs.

Agent Managers perform managed computer scans to discover computers that match the Managed Computer rules, and scan computers in the Managed Computers list to collect computer attributes, evaluate computer group membership, and install or uninstall agents as appropriate.

You can perform a scan on demand using the Agent Manager window. You can also exclude individual computers from an Agent Manager's Managed Computers list, and immediately uninstall an agent on demand.