What Is Microsoft Operations Manager?

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that radically improves the availability, performance, and security of Windows 2000 networks and applications. MOM provides central monitoring and automatic problem resolution for networks of tens to thousands of computers, continuously monitoring user actions, application software, servers, and desktop computers.

MOM can monitor, manage, and secure a wide range of resources including computers, applications, Web server farms, electronic commerce (e-commerce) sites, and corporate servers. MOM automates formerly labor-intensive tasks, such as security management and application monitoring in your organization.

MOM provides proactive real-time system monitoring for Windows 2000 servers and computers throughout the extended enterprise. You can put MOM to work by itself, or implement a solution that includes other Microsoft products, such as Directory and Resource Administrator or Exchange Administrator.

MOM provides the following benefits:

MOM gives you out-of-the-box management solutions that proactively monitor the availability, performance, and security of the Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Web Server farms, and the entire Windows 2000 infrastructure.