Ways to View and Report Data

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) offers you a number of ways to access the information collected from monitored computers. This data is stored in a central database. You can use the MOM Administrator Console, Web Console, and MOM Reporting to view, print, or publish the data.

Two key mechanisms allow you to access the monitored data: views and reports. Both offer default as well as custom means of viewing the data. With these quick and easy mechanisms, you have an unlimited number of ways to view this vital information.

You can use the default views in the MOM Administrator Console and the Web Console to view database information, or you can easily create your own views. You can create private views, accessible only by the user who created them. You can also create public views, accessible by anyone.

MOM Reporting offers predefined views of the monitored application or environment, displaying reports or graphs of the collected data. You can also quickly customize and generate your own reports specific to your enterprise. These reports offer you easy access to the data you need to manage and monitor your enterprise.

Management Pack modules provide default public views related to the specific monitored application or environment. These predefined views save you time and effort, and offer you an immediate glimpse of the monitored application or environment. Reports associated with Management Pack modules also offer quick access to specific information you need.