Understanding Performance Data

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) can monitor and graph numeric data from WMI. Scripts can also generate performance data. You can create processing rules defining performance thresholds that, when crossed, create an alert.

MOM allows you to monitor WMI numeric properties. In WMI, the namespace is a unit for grouping classes and instances. A class is the basic unit of management. An object is a hardware or software system component represented as an instance of a WMI class, and an instance is the representation of a managed object. The property of the object instance contains the numeric value you want to monitor.

Performance Measurement

MOM measures performance by sampling numeric data from Windows 2000 performance counters and from WMI. You can identify trends by collecting values as often as you specify, and creating graphs of the information.

You can identify WMI numeric properties to track. For example, MOM can monitor a computer's free disk space, collecting a value at a specified interval. You can use this data in capacity planning. Monitoring the free disk space provides useful information for you to use in planning for upgrades or additional drives.

Performance Thresholds

MOM can also monitor computers for performance thresholds using Windows 2000 performance counters or using WMI numeric values. You can create a threshold value, and when the threshold is crossed, MOM generates an alert. For example, you could set a threshold value for free disk space being less than 20 percent. If the sampled free disk space value falls below the 20 percent threshold, MOM can create an alert.