MOM Administrator Console

The MOM Administrator Console provides the central monitoring and configuration point in Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM). The MOM Administrator Console consists of snap-in applications that provide monitoring and configuration functionality. The MOM snap-in provides a framework for the following snap-ins:

Used to create views for alerts, computers, computer attributes, computer groups, events, and performance data based on selected criteria. Also used to monitor product component status.
Used to create new computer attributes, computer grouping rules, processing rules, and scripts, and to create and manage notification groups.
Used to configure agents, Consolidators, and Agent Managers.

The MOM Administrator Console can integrate with third-party problem-ticket applications, customer knowledge bases, and custom business applications. The Monitor snap-in provides a context menu that you can customize and extend to include applications, commands, or batch files in custom tasks. Right-clicking an item in the Monitor details pane displays the context-sensitive, customized menu, where you can select the custom task and send the selected item to that application.