Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 Architecture

Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM) is a scalable and comprehensive set of event collection, performance monitoring, and reporting tools for the full range of Microsoft server operating systems and server-based applications. To perform complete and efficient monitoring and management, MOM is based on the Microsoft Distributed interNet Application (DNA) architecture: Presentation, Business Logic, and Data.

The Presentation layer consists of the MOM Administrator Console, the Web Console, and MOM Reporting.

Agents, Consolidators, associated Agent Managers, and Data Access Servers (DAS) are part of the Business Logic layer. The DAS provides centralized database access and query logic, as well as the communications between the interfaces in the Presentation layer and the components in the Data layer.

The various Windows 2000 data sources and the database make up the Data layer. MOM supports Microsoft SQL Server.

The following figure illustrates MOM architecture.


MOM architecture

The architecture includes product components and interfaces. Components provide product functionality. Interfaces provide access to the collected data, as well as configuration functionality.