The following issues are not specific to any installation:

·         Make sure all services required for System Center 2012 are running and are running under the correct security context.

These services include:

·         Service Manager:

§  System Center Data Access Service service

§  System Center Management service

§  System Center Management Configuration service

·         Orchestrator:

§  Orchestrator Management service

§  Orchestrator Runbook Server Monitor

§  Orchestrator Runbook service

·         Define an AAW template. For more information on defining a template, refer to the Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Administrator’s Guide.

·         The users object must already be imported into Service Manager prior to using AAW. The users object  can be imported using

·         Service Manager’s Active Directory® Connector

·         Configuration Manager Connector (See How to create a connector in Service Manager). If not already present in Service Manager, depending on the size of your organization, importing may be a significant undertaking. If doing so is a problem, Microsoft advises limiting the importation of users to a selected organizational unit, if possible. See the Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Administrator’s Guide for more information.


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