This appendix defines the different personas, or roles, and responsibilities of those personas when using the Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Administrator’s Guide to create and manage AAW requests.

Consumer (User): Requests an application from the Configuration Manager Application Catalog.


Consumer (Approver): Approves or denies application requests from the Service Manager Portal.


Provider (Application Administrator):

1.     Defines and maintains AAW criteria for specific:

·         Applications or application groups

·         Users or user groups

2.     Assigns approversfor example, a line manager who needs to provide approval

3.     Reviews application approval requests in the Service Manager console

4.     Manages, defines, and maintains AAW criteria templates:

·         Reorders the sequence in which workflow approval criteria should be executed

·         Creates default templates that can apply to multiple applications, application groups, users, or user groups

·         Runs simulations before implementing criteria

·         Allows additional templates and activities