You can view the application approval workflow reports in the Data Warehouse by following the below steps.

1.     In Service Manager, click Administration.

2.     In the Administration pane, click Register with Service Manager Data Warehouse to register Service Manager to Data Warehouse.

3.     In Service Manager, click Data Warehouse, and then click Data Warehouse Jobs.

4.     In the Data Warehouse Jobs pane, click MPSyncJob, and then click Resume.

5.     After MPSyncJob finish, click Data Warehouse, then click Management Packs, verify the following management packs are deployed successfully.

a.    Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Core

b.    Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Data Warehouse Library

c.     Microsoft Application Approval Workflow Report Library

d.    Microsoft Application Approval Workflow UI

6.     In Service Manager, click Data Warehouse, and then click Data Warehouse Jobs.

7.     On Data Warehouse Jobs pane, click the following jobs in sequence.

a.    Extract_SMManagement_GroupName

b.    Transform.Common

c.     Load.common

8.     Now report data should be in the Application Approval Workflow Report.

9.     Click Reporting wonderbar in Service Manager, and then click Application Approval Workflow Report. You can see all pending application requests and all approved\denied requests from here.


To make sure the Data Warehouse is working properly, on both Service Manager Server and Data Warehouse Server, add a new inbound rule in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security with the TCPport 1433 for the SQL instance.


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