You can create an activity for a template—for example, a Review activity that allows you to assign this task to individuals or a group for approval.

To create an activity

1.     In the Service Manager console, navigate to Library and click on Templates.

2.     In the View pane search and Select your application request template, click Properties and then click “OK” to open the application request template.

3.     Navigate to the Activities tab of the Application request Template and click Add.

4.     As an example, select Default Review Activity, and then click OK.

5.     Provide a title for your review activity.

6.     Review these options:

·         If you want the line manager to approve, select Line Manager.

·         If you want to define individuals, click Add in the Reviewers pane.

·         Select Reviewers, and then click OK.

7.     Review your approval condition.

8.     Click OK, and then close the activity by clickingOK.

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