Use the following procedure to make changes to an existing AAW request template. In this scenario, a reviewer will be added and provided the ability to veto, validate, and review application approval requests. Best practice when creating templates is to keep the template details generic and, when you use the template in defining a specific workflow approval, add activities specific to the required approval tasks.

Note: It is strongly recommended not to modify activities in an AAW template once linked to any Production Selection Criteria. It would lead to Application request synchronization failure.

To modify an existing template

1.     In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

2.     In the Administration pane, click Application Approval, and then click Selection Criteria.

3.     In the Selection Criteria view pane, select the Selection Criteria with the AAW request template you want to change.

4.     In the Tasks pane, click Edit Selection Criteria Wizard.

5.     In the Edit Selection Criteria Wizard, on the General page, click Open.

6.     On the Create Template page, click OK.

7.     On the Service Request Template page, click Activities.

8.     Open the Review Activity.

9.     Now you can modify the Review Activities to accommodate your specific scenario.


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