Use the following procedure to create an AAW request template.

To create an AAW request template

1.     In the Service Manager console, click Library.

2.     In the Library pane, click Templates.

3.     Click Create Template.

4.     On the Create Template page:

a.     Type the new template name in the Name box.

b.     Type the new template description in the Description box.

c.     Next to the Class box, click Browse.

5.     On the Select a Class page, under All basic classes, select Application Request, and then click OK.

6.     If it is the first template you will be creating for AAW, next to Management Pack, click New.

7.     On the Create Management Pack page:

d.     Type the Management Pack name in the Name box.

e.     Type the Management Pack description in the Description box, and then click OK.

8.      Create an activity.

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