After installing AAW, import and configure the Orchestrator runbooks.


To import runbooks

8.     Log on to the Orchestrator server on which AAW was installed.

9.     Open the Runbook Designer.

10.  Navigate to the Runbooks node.

11.  Right-click the node, and then click Import.

12.  Browse to the runbooks folder in AAW_installation_folder (where AAW_installation_folder is the default location unless you installed the application elsewheregenerally, it is located in Program Files(x86)).

13.  Select Runbooks.OIS_Export in the runbooks folder.

14.  Click Finish in the Import Options Wizard.

The AAW runbooks are imported into the Runbook Designer.


To configure global settings

15.  Navigate to the Variables node under Global Settings.

16.  Review all the settings, and configure for your environment.

17.  You may choose to enable logging under Logging Settings by setting Enable Logging to True.

For additional configuration settings, refer to Configuration Troubleshooting.


To start the runbooks

18.  Open the Runbook Designer.

19.  Navigate to the Runbooks node.

20.  Navigate to and select the Automation node under Application Approval Workflow.

21.  For each of the following tabs, click Run (the green arrow) in the top menu bar:

·         Application Catalog Synchronization

·         Application Request Synchronization

·         Automation Monitor

·         Poll Service Manager

Note:   Make sure all four are started.

22.  Close the Runbook Designer.


This step only needs to be performed once after installation. Going forward, the runbooks will continue to run on the scheduled intervals.

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