You can determine how you might deploy MED-V throughout your enterprise by evaluating your existing infrastructure, a review of which you can take advantage of for your deployment.

Determine How You Will Deploy MED-V

Because MED-V is a desktop-based solution, it works with your existing infrastructure. For example, if you currently deploy applications to physical computers by using an electronic software distribution system, you can also use your electronic software distribution system to deploy to MED-V workspaces.

If you are currently using an electronic software distribution solution, you can use that to distribute MED-V workspaces and their dependent applications. You can also use this solution for distribution of subsequent applications after MED-V is deployed. For more information about deploying MED-V with an ESD, see How to Deploy a MED-V Workspace Through an Electronic Software Distribution System.

Whichever electronic software distribution solution that you use, you must be familiar with the requirements of your particular solution. If you are using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or a later version, see the Configuration Manager Documentation Library in the Microsoft Technical Library (

You might prefer to install MED-V in a Windows 7 image. Then, after you deploy the Windows 7 images throughout your enterprise, MED-V is ready to be installed when an end user needs it. For more information, see How to Deploy a MED-V Workspace in a Windows 7 Image.

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