The technical reference information we provide here includes example checklists for planning, deployment, and operations for Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) 2.0 .

In This Section

Command-Line Options for MED-V Installation Files

Provides a list and description of the options that you can specify when you install or uninstall MED-V at the command prompt.
Compacting the MED-V Virtual Hard Disk

Describes the steps to follow to compact your virtual hard disk before you configure your Windows XP image for use with MED-V.
MED-V Event Log Messages

Describes how to use the event logs in MED-V to troubleshoot deployment and operations issues.
Updating MED-V 2.0

Provides information about how to upgrade your MED-V installation.
Windows Virtual PC Application Exclude List

Describes how to specify certain installed applications that you do not want published to the host computer.
Example MED-V Checklists

Provides several checklist examples that you can reference when planning, deploying, or managing MED-V.

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