You can use the MED-V Workspace Packager to manage URL redirection in the MED-V workspace.

To manage web address redirection in a MED-V workspace

  1. To open the MED-V Workspace Packager, click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, and then click MED-V Workspace Packager.

  2. On the MED-V Workspace Packager main panel, click Manage Web Redirection.

  3. In the Manage Web Redirection window, you can type, paste, or import a list of the URLs that are redirected to Internet Explorer in the MED-V workspace.

    Enter each web address on a single line, for example:


    If you import a text file that includes a URL that uses special characters (such as ~ ! @ # and so on), make sure that you specify UTF-8 encoding when you save the text file. Special characters do not import correctly into the MED-V Workspace Packager if the text file was saved using the default ANSI encoding.
  4. Click Save as… to save the updated URL redirection files in the specified folder. MED-V creates a registry file that contains the updated URL redirection information. Deploy the updated registry key by using Group Policy. For more information about how to use Group Policy, see Group Policy Software Installation (

    MED-V also creates a Windows PowerShell script in the specified folder that you can use to re-create the updated MED-V workspace package.

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