Flow charts are provided for the following phases of ZTI deployment with Configuration Manager:

·     Initialization (Figure 17)

·     Validation (Figure 18)

·     State Capture (Figure 19)

·     Preinstall (Figure 20)

·     Install (Figure 21)

·     Postinstall (Figure 22)

·     State Restore (Figure 23 and Figure 24)

·     Capture (Figure 25)

Description: TSR_Fig_16_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_InitializationPhase.gif

Figure 17. Flow chart for the Initialization Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_17_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_ValidationPhase.gif

Figure 18. Flow chart for the Validation Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_18_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_StateCapturePhase.gif

Figure 19. Flow chart for the State Capture Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_19_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_PreInstallPhase.gif

Figure 20. Flow chart for the Preinstall Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_20_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_InstallPhase.gif

Figure 21. Flow chart for the Install Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_21_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_PostInstallPhase.gif

Figure 22. Flow chart for the Postinstall Phase

Description: TSR_Fig_22_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_StateRestorePhase_01.gif

Figure 23. Flow chart for the State Restore Phase (1 of 2)

Description: TSR_Fig_23_ProcessFlowChart_ConfigMgr_ZTI_StateRestorePhase_02.gif

Figure 24. Flow chart for the State Restore Phase (2 of 2)

Figure 25. Flow chart for the Capture Phase

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