Use the WMI Query condition to run any WMI query. The condition is evaluated as True if the query returns at least one result. For example, consider that a deployment team needs to upgrade the operating system of all servers of a given model—Dell 1950, for instance. You can use a WMI query to check each computer’s model and proceed with the deployment only if the right model is found.

To add a WMI Query condition to a task sequence step

1.   In the Configuration Manager console or in the Deployment Workbench, in the task sequence editor, edit task_sequence (where task sequence is the task sequence that will upgrade the servers).

2.   Click the first task in the sequence, and then click the Options tab.

3.   Click Add Condition, and then click Query WMI.

4.   In the WMI Namespace box, type root\cimv2.

5.   In the WQL Query box, type Select * From Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE "%Dell%%1950%". Click OK.

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