After ZTIPrereq.vbs determines that the computer meets the requirements for running the remaining scripts, ZTIValidate.wsf determines whether the target computer has the appropriate software and hardware system resources to deploy the target operating system. These requirements include:

·     The target computer has WSH 5.6 or later installed

·     In any scenario except New Computer (which does not migrate user data), the existing operating system must be a client operating system if the new operating system is a client operating system. Similarly, only Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003 can be deployed to a computer currently running a server operating system

·     The OSInstall property, if defined, must be set to YES for the deployment to continue

·     The target computer memory must meet the requirements of the operating system

Note   The minimum recommended amount of physical memory for the target computer is 1 GB.

·     The target computer processor must meet the requirements of the operating system

·     The target computer must have sufficient available disk space for the image being deployed to it

·     The current operating system on the target computer must be running on the C partition (Refresh Computer scenario only)

·     Drive C must be the first partition on the first disk of the target computer (Refresh Computer scenario only)

·     Additional available disk space is required when user state migration data and deployment logs are stored locally on the target computer

·     The target computer must have sufficient free disk space (approximately 150 MB) to hold Windows PE log files

·     The target computer must have sufficient total disk space to hold Windows PE and the image (expanded image size plus 150 MB)

·     The target computer must have a direct network connection to Windows Deployment Services servers and deployment shares (Unsupported network connections include virtual private network [VPN] and wireless connections.)

Note   Target computers that attempt to install an image over a VPN or wireless connection will not be able to connect to a deployment share after restarting in Windows PE, causing the deployment process to fail.

Determine whether any existing computers have inadequate system resources using Configuration Manager 2012, Configuration Manager 2007 R3, or another software inventory tool. Upgrade the system resources on these target computers prior to deploying Windows, if necessary.

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