This section describes the Update-MDTMedia Windows PowerShell cmdlet. Run this cmdlet from a Windows PowerShell console that has the MDT PowerShell snap-in loaded. For more information on how to start a Windows PowerShell console that has the MDT PowerShell snap-in loaded, see Loading the MDT Windows PowerShell Snap-In.


Update-MDTMedia -Path <String> [<CommonParameters>]


This cmdlet replicates content from a deployment share to a folder that contains deployment media using the selection profile used to define the deployment media. The replication behavior is determined based on the configuration settings for the deployment media.

Media in LTI allows you to perform LTI deployments solely from local media without connecting to a deployment share. You can store the media on a DVD, USB hard disk, or other portable device. After you create the media, generate bootable WIM images that allow the deployment to be performed from portable media devices locally available on the target computer.


This subsection provides information about the various parameters that can be used with the Update-MDTMedia cmdlet.

-Path <String>

This parameter specifies the fully qualified path to the folder that contains the deployment media that is being updated.

Note   If this parameter is not provided, then the Windows PowerShell working directory must default to the desired location within the deployment share.








Default value

Accept pipeline input?        


Accept wildcard characters?




This cmdlet supports the following common parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, OutBuffer, OutVariable, WarningAction, and WarningVariable. For more information, see the topic, “about_CommonParameters,” which you can access by typing the following command, and then pressing ENTER:

Get-Help about_CommonParameters


This cmdlet outputs a String type data and produces additional String type data if the Verbose common parameter is included.

Example 1

Update-MDTMedia -Path "DS001:\Media\MEDIA001"


This example replicates content from the deployment share to the folder containing the deployment media at the Windows PowerShell path DS001:\Media \MEDIA001 folder.

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