Complete the following steps to perform an unattended installation of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 on a computer that requires a mass storage driver that is not available out of the box:

1.   Download the driver from the manufacturer’s site.

2.   Ensure that the TxtSetup.oem file exists in the same directory as the rest of the driver package.

Note   All mass storage drivers must have valid TxtSetup.oem files in the same directory as the .inf file (manual edits to fix path issues in the TxtSetup.oem file are supported).

3.   Import the driver into MDT using the existing Deployment Workbench.

Note   Many drivers cannot be accurately inventoried by existing MDT routines. If importing a 32-bit (x86) driver, remove references to 64 bit (x64) in the deployment_share\control\drivers.xml file (where deployment_share is the path to the folder that contains the deployment share to configure); if importing an x64 driver, remove references to x86 in this file.

When installing Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 on a computer with this driver package, MDT performs all the necessary steps to prepare the operating system to load the appropriate driver during text-mode Setup. These steps are:

1.   Enumerate through all devices on the local computer, searching for a match with available drivers in the driver store.

2.   Copy any drivers that match the storage devices to the local computer.

3.   Copy the TxtSetup.oem file associated with the drivers to the correct location on the local disk, merging them if there is more than one.

4.   Prepare the local Unattend.txt file to load the storage drivers during text-mode Setup.

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