Problem: While deploying the 2007 Office system and including a Windows Installer patch (MSP) file, the installation may fail with error code 30029.

Further investigation in the ZTIApplications.log shows the following messages:

·      About to run command: \\Server\Deployment$\Tools\X86\bddrun.exe \\Server\Share\Microsoft\Office\2007\Professional\setup.exe /adminfile \\Server\Share\Microsoft\Office\2007\Professional\file.msp

·      ZTI Heartbeat: command has been running for 12 minutes (process ID 1600) Return code from command = 30029

·      Application Microsoft Office 2007 Professional returned an unexpected return code: 30029

Possible Solution 1: Relocate the MSP file to the Updates directory, and then run setup.exe without specifying the /adminfile option. For more information about deploying updates during the installation, see Deploying the 2007 Office system.

Possible Solution 2: Verify that the MSP file does not have the Suppress modal check box selected. For more information about configuring this setting, see Overview of 2007 Office System Deployment.

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