To test the client environment, perform the following steps:

1.   Validate that the client is installed properly with the proper settings.

2.   Validate that the client is deployed and configured to connect to the correct App-V Management Server or Streaming Server (if it is deployed in Streaming or Full Infrastructure mode).

3.   Make sure that communication between the server and the client is functioning.

4.   Validate that applications run when deployed to the client:

·     In Streaming or Full Infrastructure mode, make sure that applications can be streamed to the client.

·     If the client was deployed on a portable computer, validate that the complete application is loaded onto the computer.

·     If using an ESD system, test that the client receives the MSI package and properly deploys the application to the App-V Desktop Client cache.

5.   Validate that user data files are saved in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\SoftGrid Client or the custom path configured when you deployed the App-V Desktop Client.

6.   Test network performance for streaming:

·     For streamed applications, test that FB1 is streaming to the server with an acceptable time delay.

·     Ensure that data from FB2 is streamed to the client in an expedient manner, ensuring that users do not experience delays using application features.

·     Validate that each application works as expected on the client computer.

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