Use the Task Sequence Variable condition to evaluate any task sequence variable created by a Set Task Sequence Variable task or by any task in the task sequence. For example, consider a network that contains Windows XP client computers that are part of a domain and some that are in a workgroup. Knowing that the current domain policy forces all user settings to be saved on the network, user settings may need to be saved only for computers that are not part of the domain—that is, computers that are in the workgroup. In such case, add a condition to the Capture User Files and Settings task that targets the computers in the workgroup.

To add a condition based on a task sequence variable

1.   On the step Options tab (where step is the name of the task sequence step to configure), click Add Condition, and then click Task Sequence Variable.

2.   In the Task Sequence Variable Condition dialog box, in the Variable box, type OSDJoinType.

Note   This variable is set to 0 for computers that are joined to a domain and to 1 for those in a workgroup.

3.   In the Condition box, click equal.

4.   In the Value box, type 1, and then click OK.

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