Now that the MDT DB has been published, you can add the child deployment servers as subscribers to this publication; that is, that they will receive a copy of the database on a schedule so that during a deployment the client computers can query a database that is local to the network instead of going across the WAN.

To subscribe the child deployment servers to the MDT DB publication

1.   In SQL Server Management Studio, go to Replication/Local Publications.

2.   Right-click the publication created in the previous section, and then click New Subscriptions.

3.   In the New Subscriptions Wizard, click Next.

4.   On the Publication page, click the publication created in the previous section.

5.   On the Distribution Agent Location page, click Run all agents at the Distributor SERVERNAME (push subscriptions), and then click Next.

6.   On the Subscribers page, add each of the child deployment servers by performing the following steps:

a.   Click Add Subscriber, and then click Add SQL Server Subscriber.

b.   Add each child deployment server.

c.   For each child deployment server added, in the Subscription Database box, click the empty MDT DB on that child deployment server.

Note   If the empty MDT DB has not yet been created, in the Subscription Database box, select the option to create a new database.

Note   This database must be given the same name as the MDT DB on the master deployment server. For example, if the MDT DB on the master deployment server is called MDTDB, create an empty database called MDTDB on the child deployment server.

7.   Click Next.

8.   On the Distribution Agent Security page, click to open the Distribution Agent Security dialog box.

9.   Type the details of the account to use for the distribution agent, and then click Next.

10. On the Synchronization Schedule page, perform these steps:

a.   In the Agent Schedule box, click <Define schedule>.

b.   Specify the schedule that should be used to replicate the database between master and child deployment servers, and then click Next.

11. On the Initialize Subscription page, click Next.

12. On the Wizard Actions page, click Create the subscription(s), and then click Next.

13. Click Finish, and then click Close when the wizard has successfully finished.

SQL Server replication is now configured, and the MDT DB will be replicated from the master deployment server to all child deployment servers that have been subscribed to it on a periodic basis.

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