When the task sequence for the target computer has been created, customize the MDT configuration files that provide the configuration settings for deploying Windows 7 to the target computer—specifically, CustomSettings.ini.

When the CustomSettings.ini file has been customized, save the updated files to the source folder for the MDT Custom Settings package created earlier in the process (E:\Packages$\CustomSettings_Target).

To customize the MDT configuration files for the target computer

1.   In Windows Explorer, go to E:\Packages$\CustomSettings_Target folder, and then double-click CustomSettings.ini.

2.   Open Notepad, and then add the following line to the CustomSettings.ini file that the environment requires, as shown in Listing 2:


This setting configures monitoring of the target computer deployment.

Note   Make any other changes that your environment requires.

Listing 2. Default CustomSettings.ini File











3.   Save the file, and then close Notepad.

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