After the image of the reference computer (WDG-REF-01) is captured in to the .wim file, import the captured .wim file into Configuration Manager 2012. Import the captured .wim file into the Operating System Images node using the Add Operating System Image Wizard.

The captured WIM file contains two images, one for each partition on the reference computer. Identify which of the images has the captured Windows 7 operating system using the image description containing Windows 7. You use the image index when you create the task sequence for deploying the captured image to the target computer.

To import the captured .wim file into Configuration Manager 2012

1.   Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft System Center 2012. Point to Configuration Manager, and then click Configuration Manager Console.

2.   In the Configuration Manager console, in the navigation pane, click Software Library.

3.   In the Software Library workspace, go to Overview/Operating Systems/Operating System Images.

4.   On the Ribbon, in the Create group, click Add Operating System Image.

The Add Operating System Image Wizard starts.

5.   Complete the Add Operating System Image Wizard using the information in Table 30. Accept the default values unless otherwise specified.

Table 30. Information for Completing the Add Operating System Image Wizard

On this wizard page

Do this

Data Source

In Path, type \\WDG-MDT-01\Capture$\WDG-REF-01.wim, and then click Next.


1.   In Name, type Windows 7 Reference Image.

2.   In Version, type 1.00.

3.   In Comments, type Windows 7 captured image of reference computer (WDG-REF-01) used to deploy to target computers, and then click Next.


Review the information in the Details box that that you provided while completing the previous wizard pages, and then click Next.


The progress for importing the operating system image is displayed.


Click Close.


6.   In the preview pane, click Windows 7 Reference Image.

7.   In the preview pane, click the Details tab.

The list of operating system partitions captured in the .wim file is displayed. The image index that contains Windows 7 is the image index you will specify later during the Create MDT Task Sequence Wizard.

8.   Record the image index that contains Windows 7.

Tip   For the purposes of this example, image index 2 should have the Windows 7 operating system.

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