You can create custom wizard pages that allow you to collect deployment information in addition to the information collected on other UDI Wizard pages. You create custom wizard pages based on the Build Your Own Page wizard page type. After you create the custom wizard page, you can add controls to it and configure the task sequence variables the controls set.

For this guide, Woodgrove Bank wants to allow users to enter their name and the department in which they work. Woodgrove Bank is departmentalized by geographic location. This information will be used to configure the registered user name and organization in Windows. In this step, you add a new custom wizard page to the New Computer stage group.

To create a new custom wizard page

1.   On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Page Library group, click Add Page.

The Add New Page dialog box appears.

2.   In the Add New Page dialog box, in the Page Type column, click Build Your Own Page.

3.   In Display Name, type User Information.

4.   In Page Name, type UserInformationPage, and then click OK.

The User Information page appears in the Page Library.

5.   In the details pane, click the Flow tab.

6.   On the Flow tab, expand the New Computer stage group.

The list of wizard pages in the New Computer stage group is displayed.

7.   In the Page Library, drag the User Information page to a point immediately before the BitLocker page in the New Computer stage group on the Flow tab.

8.   On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, click Save.

The File Save dialog box appears.

9.   In the File Save dialog box, click OK.

10. Leave the UDI Wizard Designer open for the next step.

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