To initiate the MDT process, provide a method for starting the computer with Windows PE and the necessary software by creating the task sequence bootable media disk. Use the Task Sequence Media Wizard in the Configuration Manager console to create bootable media for storage on a USB flash drive (UFD), CD, or DVD.

To create a task sequence bootable media disk

1.   Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft System Center. Point to Configuration Manager 2007, and then click ConfigMgr Console.

2.   In the Configuration Manager console navigation pane, go to System Center Configuration Manager/Site Database/Computer Management/Operating System Deployment/Task Sequences.

3.   In the preview pane, click Create Task Sequence Media.

The Task Sequence Media Wizard starts.

4.   Complete the Task Sequence Media Wizard using the information in Table 26. Accept the default values unless otherwise specified.

Table 26. Information for Completing the Task Sequence Media Wizard

On this wizard page

Do this

Select Media Type

Click Bootable media, and then click Next.

Media Type

In Media file, type \\WDG-MDT-01\Capture$\CM2007_TS_Boot_Media.iso, and then click Next.


In Password and Confirm password, type P@ssw0rd, and then click Next.

Boot Image

1.   In Boot image, click Browse.

2.   In the Select a Boot Image dialog box, click Windows PE Custom, and then click OK.

3.   Click Next.


Click Next.


Click Close.


The wizard creates the CM2007_TS_Boot_Media.iso file in the \\WDG-MDT-01\Capture$ shared folder.

5.   If WDG-REF-01 is a physical computer, create a CD or DVD of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) file. If WDG-REF-01 is a VM, start the VM directly from the ISO file.

For more information on creating the task sequence bootable media disk, see the section, “How to Create Task Sequence Bootable Media,” in Configuration Manager Documentation Library, which is installed with Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

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