When the MDT task sequence has been created, customize the MDT configuration files that provide the configuration settings for capturing user state information. Specifically, customize the CustomSettings.ini file by modifying the file in the properties of the deployment share created earlier in the deployment process. In a later step, the deployment share will be updated to ensure that the configuration file is updated in the deployment share.

To customize the MDT configuration files for capturing user state information

1.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Deployment Workbench.

2.   In the Deployment Workbench console tree, go to Deployment Workbench/Deployment Shares/deployment_share (where deployment_share is the name of the deployment share to configure).

3.   In the Actions pane, click Properties.

The Properties dialog box appears.

4.   In the Properties dialog box, click the Rules tab.

5.   On the Rules tab, modify the CustomSettings.ini file to reflect the necessary changes as shown in Listing 19. Make any additional modifications the environment requires.

Listing 19. Customized CustomSettings.ini File















6.   In the Properties dialog box, click OK.

7.   Close all open windows and dialog boxes.

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