After configuring the deployment share, update it. Updating the deployment share updates all the MDT configuration files and generates a customized version of Windows PE. You use the customized version of Windows PE to start the reference computer and initiate LTI deployment.

To update the deployment share in the Deployment Workbench

1.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Deployment Workbench.

2.   In the Deployment Workbench console tree, go to Deployment Workbench/Deployment Shares.

3.   In the details pane, click MDT Deployment Share (C:\DeploymentShare$).

4.   In the Actions pane, click Update Deployment Share.

The Update Deployment Share Wizard starts.

5.   Complete the Update Deployment Share Wizard using the information in Table 8. Accept the default values unless otherwise specified.

Table 8. Information for Completing the Update Deployment Share Wizard

On this wizard page

Do this


Click Next.


Click Next.


The progress for updating the deployment share is displayed.


Click Finish.


The Deployment Workbench starts updating the MDT Deployment Share (C:\DeploymentShare$) deployment share. The Deployment Workbench also creates the LiteTouchPE_x64.iso and LiteTouchPE_x64.wim files (for 64-bit target computers) or LiteTouchPE_x86.iso and LiteTouchPE_x86.wim files (for 32-bit target computers) in the deployment_share\Boot folder (where deployment_share is the network shared folder used as the deployment share).

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