For most deployments, the Windows 7 Reference Deployment task sequence created earlier in the process performs all the necessary steps without modification. In this sample, modify the task sequence to set the password for the local Administrator account to a known value. By default, the task sequence sets the password for the local Administrator account to a random value. Further customization of the task sequence may be required depending on the environment.

To customize the Windows 7 Reference Deployment task sequence

1.   Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft System Center. Point to Configuration Manager 2007, and then click ConfigMgr Console.

2.   In the Configuration Manager console navigation pane, go to Site Database/Computer Management/Operating System Deployment/Task Sequences.

3.   In the preview pane, click Windows 7 Reference Deployment.

4.   In the Actions pane, click Edit.

5.   In the Windows 7 Reference Deployment Task Sequence Editor dialog box, go to PostInstall/Apply Windows Settings.

6.   On the Properties tab, click Enable the account and specify the local administrator password.

7.   On the Properties tab, in Password and Confirm Password, type P@ssw0rd, and then click Apply.

8.   Make any additional modifications to the task sequence that the environment requires, and then click OK.

9.   Close all open windows and dialog boxes.

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