When the source folder has been updated for the MDT Reference Computer Custom Settings package in Configuration Manager 2007 R3, update the distribution points for the MDT Reference Computer Custom Settings Files package. Updating the distribution points copies the updated version of the CustomSettings.ini file to the deployment shares specified in the package.

To update the distribution points for the Custom Settings package

1.   Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft System Center. Point to Configuration Manager 2007, and then click ConfigMgr Console.

2.   In the Configuration Manager console navigation pane, go to Site Database/Computer Management/Software Distribution/Packages, and then click MDT 2012 Reference Computer Custom Settings 1.00.

3.   In the preview pane, click Update Distribution Points.

4.   In the Confirm Update Distribution Points dialog box, click Yes.

5.   Close all open windows and dialog boxes.

Configuration Manager 2007 R3 starts updating the distribution points with the latest versions of the CustomSettings.ini file. This process could take several minutes. Check the status of the package until the State value of the package status is Installed.

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