Before you can use the Configuration Manager integration features of MDT, run the Configure ConfigMgr Integration script. This script copies the appropriate integration files to the folder in which Configuration Manager is installed. The script also adds Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes for the new MDT custom actions. The classes are added by compiling a new Managed Object Format (.mof) file that contains the new class definitions.

To enable Configuration Manager console integration

Note   Ensure that the Configuration Manager console is closed while performing these steps.

1.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Configure ConfigMgr Integration.

The Configure ConfigMgr Integration Wizard starts.

2.   Complete the Configure ConfigMgr Integration Wizard using the information in Table 18. Accept the default values unless otherwise specified.

Table 18. Information for Completing the Configure ConfigMgr Integration Wizard

On this wizard page

Do this


1.   Verify that the Install the MDT console extensions for ConfigMgr 2012 check box is selected.

2.   Verify that the Add the MDT task sequence actions to a ConfigMgr server check box is selected.

3.   In Site server name, verify that the value is

4.   In Site code, verify that the value is NYC.

5.   Click Next.


Click Finish.


The Configure ConfigMgr Integration Wizard finishes, and MDT is integrated with Configuration Manager.

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