The DHCP Server server role is required to provide automatic IP configuration for the target computers. Install DHCP Server using the information in Table 6, accepting any defaults unless otherwise specified.

Note   If you are using a virtualized environment, disable any DHCP configuration that the computer-virtualization software provides. Ensure that the DHCP Server service running WDG-MDT-01 is the only provider of IP configuration using DHCP.

Table 6. Information for Installing the DHCP Server Server Role

On this wizard page

Do this

Authorize DHCP server in Active Directory

Authorize WDG-MDT-01 to provide client IP configuration.

DHCP scopes

Create an appropriate scope that can be used to automatically configure TCP/IP for WDG-REF-01 and WDG-CLI-01.

DHCPv6 stateless mode configuration

Disable DHCPv6 stateless mode for this server.


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