The MDT deployment process requires additional folders that are used as the source for files or to store files created during the MDT deployment process. Some of these folders need to be shared so that they can be accessed from other computers.

To create the required folders and shares

1.   Create the folders and shares listed in Table 3 with the permissions specified for each share.

Table 3. Folders That the MDT Deployment Process Requires

Create this folder

With this share name

With these share permissions



Administrators: Co-owner

Everyone: Read



Administrators: Co-owner

Everyone: Read



Administrators: Co-owner

Everyone: Read



Administrators: Co-owner

Everyone: Read


2.   Create the following folders:

·     E:\Source$\CustomSettings

·     E:\Source$\Drivers

·     E:\Source$\Windows_7

·     E:\Source$\MDT_2010

·     E:\Source$\SQL2008R2

·     E:\Source$\ConfigMgr_R3

·     E:\Source$\ConfigMgr_SP2

·     E:\Source$\ConfigMgr_Hotfix

3.   Copy the device drivers for the reference computer (WDG-REF-01) and the target computer (WDG-CLI-01) to E:\Source$\Drivers.

Note   The processes in this guide assume that the reference computer and target computer have the same devices and do not require different devices drivers.

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