The Configuration Manager 2007 R3 client needs an account to provide credentials when accessing the Configuration Manager 2007 R3 distribution points, MDT deployment shares, and shared folders. This account is called the Network Access account. The CMNetAccess account was created earlier in the process to use as the Network Access account.

To configure the Network Access account

1.   Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft System Center. Point to Configuration Manager 2007, and then click ConfigMgr Console.

2.   In the Configuration Manager console navigation pane, go to Site Database/Site Management/NYC - New York City Site/Site Settings/Client Agents.

3.   In the preview pane, right-click Computer Client Agent, and then click Properties.

4.   In the Computer Client Agent Properties dialog box, click the General tab. In Network Access Account, in Account (domain\user), click Set.

5.   Complete the Windows User Account dialog box using the information in Table 13, and then click OK.

Table 13. Information Required to Complete the Windows User Account Dialog Box

For this

Do this

User name

Type MDT2012\CMNetAccess.


Type P@ssw0rd.

Confirm password

Type P@ssw0rd.


6.   Close any open windows.

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