When the other products and technologies have been installed, install Configuration Manager 2012. Before doing so, however, extend the Active Directory schema so that computers can locate the distribution points, service locator points, and other server roles. Also, you can extend the schema after you have installed Configuration Manager 2012. For more information about how to extend the Active Directory schema for Configuration Manager 2012, see the section, “Extend the Active Directory Schema,” in the Configuration Manager 2012 Documentation Library, which is installed with Configuration Manager 2012.

After extending the Active Directory schema, install Configuration Manager 2012. The configuration of WDG-MDT-01 supports Configuration Manager 2012 for this sample. The configuration of computers in the production network may vary. To find out more about the prerequisites for installing Configuration Manager 2012, see Supported Configurations for Configuration Manager 2012.

To install Configuration Manager 2012

1.   Start the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Setup splash screen.

2.   On the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Setup splash screen, click the Install link.

The Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Setup Wizard starts.

3.   Complete the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Setup Wizard using the information in Table 12. Accept the defaults unless otherwise specified.

Table 12. Information for Installing Configuration Manager 2012

On this wizard page

Do this

Before You Begin

Click Next.

Getting Started

Click Next.

Product Key

In Enter your 25-character product key, type product_key (where product_key is your product key for Configuration Manager 2012).

Microsoft Software License Terms

Select the I accept these license terms check box, and then click Next.

Update Prerequisite Components

In Download and use the latest updates. Updates will be saved to the following location, type E:\CMDownloads, and then click Next.

Server Language Selection

Click Next.

Client Language Selection

Click Next.

Site and Installation Settings

1.   In Site code, type NYC.

2.   In Site name, type New York City Site.

3.   Click Next.

Primary Site Installation

1.   Click Install the primary site as a stand-alone site.

2.   Click Next.

The Configuration Manager dialog box appears, confirming that you want to install this site as a stand-alone site.

3.   In the Configuration Manager dialog box, click Yes.

Database Information

Click Next.

SMS Provider Settings

Click Next.

Client Computer Communication Settings

Click Configure the communication method on each site system role, and then click Next.

Site System Roles

Click Next.

Customer Experience Improvement Program Configuration

Select the appropriate participation in the Customer Experience Improvement program for your organization, and then click Next.

Settings Summary

Click Next.

Prerequisite Check

Click Begin Install.


Monitor the installation process until it is complete, and then click Close.


4.   Close all open windows and dialog boxes.

When the wizard is complete, Configuration Manager 2012 is installed.

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