The MDT DB is a database version of the CustomSettings.ini file and can be queried at deployment time for information to be used during the deployment. For more information about using the MDT DB, see Selecting the Methods for Applying Configuration Settings.

When querying the MDT DB at deployment time, three methods are available for identifying the target computer:

·     Search for the individual computer (using the MAC address, asset tag, or similar).

·     Search for the location of the computer (using the default gateway).

·     Search for the make and model of the computer (using WMI manufacturer or make and model queries).

For each database entry you create, you can specify deployment properties, applications, whether to use Configuration Manager packages, and administrators. By creating make and model entries in the database, you can add the required hardware-specific device driver applications.

To create entries in the MDT DB to allow installation of device driver applications

Note   Repeat this process for each hardware make and model that requires a device driver application.

1.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Deployment Workbench.

2.   In the Deployment Workbench console tree, go to Deployment Workbench/Deployment Shares/deployment_share/Advanced Configuration/Database/Make and Model (where deployment_share is the name of the deployment share to configure).

3.   In the Actions pane, click New.

4.   In the Properties dialog box, on the Identity tab, in the Make box, type make_name (where make_name is an easily identified name to associate with the manufacturer of the target computer).

5.   In the Model box, type model_name (where model_name is an easily identified name to associate with the model of the target computer).

6.   On the Applications tab, add each of the device driver applications required for that model of hardware.

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