Use this UDI task to run software that can be initiated from a command line.

Table 21 lists the parameters that the Shell Execute task uses.

Table 21. Parameters Used by the Shell Execute Task




This parameter specifies the fully qualified or relative path to the command for the task to run.


This parameter specifies the command-line parameters that are to be provided when running the command.


In addition to the parameters in Table 21, this task uses parameters common to all UDI tasks. For more information about these parameters, see UDI Task Configuration Settings.

You can also run custom Visual Basic scripts designed to run in cscript.exe using the Shell Execute task. To run Visual Basic scripts, perform the following steps:

1.   Type the following text in the Filename parameter:


2.   Type name of the Visual Basic script file (.vbs file) in the Parameters parameter, including any command-line parameters for the script.

For example, to run a Visual Basic script named SelfTest.vbs with a parameter value of Debug, type the following (where script_path is the fully qualified path to the SelfTest.vbs file):

<script_path>\SelfTest.vbs Debug

Table 22 lists the common error and exit codes that the Shell Execute task generates.

Note   Each specific task based on the Shell Execute task has a unique set of error and exit codes. Please check the return codes for the software you are running using this task.

Table 22. Common Error and Exit Codes for the Shell Execute Task

Exit or error code


Status and description



Success, which indicates that the task finished successfully



Error, which indicates that the task failed


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